PlayStation 5 is no doubt an awesome video game console but it is not perfect; it has two “fatal” flaws, namely, the lack of colors and airflow. Slapping on decals helps but it is not going to save it from high temperatures. Then along came dbrand Darkplates which improved the airflow by adding in a meshed vent on each plate and then now, the dbrand Retro Darkplates.

dbrand Retro Darkplates for PlayStation 5

For those who don’t already know. dbrand Darkplates is NOT a copy of Sony’s original plates due to legal issues; it is an original design that, in addition to the vent, does without the popped collar. The top two corners of the plate are rounded in line with the main machine which looks way sleeker, IMHO.

But it didn’t solve the color issue. The original Darkplates were as dull as the original items; it is offered in matte black, retro gray, and classic white. Nothing pops. Then the dbrand Retro Darkplates changed the whole visual game.

With the new Retro Darkplates, dbrand took its version of PS5 plates giving it retro translucent Nintendo 64 colorways. The result is a PS5 that is not only better ventilated and uber sleek but also visually pops.

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dbrand Retro Darkplates for PlayStation 5

dbrand even create a custom Middle Skin that mimics the translucent look of the main machine for users who want to complete the translucent aesthetic.

The dbrand Retro Darkplates is being offered for both the PS5 Disc and Digital edition and starts at US$79. But last checked, dbrand has taken 10 bucks off, presumably as an introductory offer. So you’d have to pay just US$69. However, it is not clear when this discount will last. Also, it does not include the Middle Skin which cost an extra US$24.95. There is also an option to add the “lightstrips” for US$17.95. This means the works will run you back at US$98.90 after the discount.

Images: dbrand.

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