Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure

The memorable and powerful – both literally and figuratively – atomic breath scene from Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla film is now being immortalized in soft vinyl, well, at the least Gojira is. It is not the first time, though. But rest assured this is very different.

Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure

The Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure from the Limited Edition Sakai Yuji modeling collection aka Toho 30 cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver. is produced by renowned Japanese artist, sculptor, and modeler, Yuji Sakai, and based on the same prototype as the garage kit from 2019.

As the product name suggests, this time, the Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver is being released as a soft vinyl-painted finished product. The vinyl figure accurately recreated the scene in which Godzilla went all out atomic after enduring attacks from the air by B2 bombers.

In the scene, the King of Monsters’ body became fiery before turning atomic. Unlike the atomic breath spewed by other versions of Godzilla, the 2016’s version bellowed out massive wind before spewing out fire that eventually turned into a continuous stream of atomic ray.

Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure

The crackles of the body that were previously fiery – a result of taking hits from the bombs – also turned atomic. Similarly, the unusually wide stretched mouth with a “split” lower jaw is also recreated.

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In this Shonen Rick Limited Edition, the majestic moment of awakening is brought to life with a light-up feature. When hooked up to the power supply unit powered by 4x AAA cells (not included) and switched on, the mouth, neck, and dorsal fins light up.

Moreover, you enjoy the awesome relay lighting action as the light cycles between the dorsal fins and the tip of the tail – just like in the movie. The only things missing are a diorama of a city in a sea of fire and effect parts to recreate the atomic ray that shoots out of the mouth and the back.

Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure

This impressive vinyl figure measures about 34 cm tall (measured up to the tail which is taller than the main body), 32 cm wide, and 23 cm long. Apparently, it comes with a display pedestal but the product page did not show it.

Fans of Godzilla can reserve a unit from now until July 03, 2023, 1700 hours, for 31,500 yen (about US$222) from the Shonen Ric US website or for 34,650 yen (tax included) from the Shonen Ric Japan website. Delivery is scheduled to happen in December 2023.

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].