Evangelion Unit 02 “G” Awakening Mode Figure: You Are Not Seeing Things. It Is Back!

The unholy matrimony between Evangelion and Godzilla wasn’t the alone. It was introduced with Eva-Gojira splice, the X-Plus Toho 30cm series Evangelion Unit-02 Beast “G” Mode. As with the first, the “G” here denotes “Godzilla”. That was 6-7 years ago. Fast forward to 2023, the Evangelion Unit-02 Beast “G” Mode is being re-released with a …

Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla (1995) Soft Vinyl Assembly Kit Clear Orange Ver. Reprint Edition

This is the Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla (1995) “Landing in Hong Kong” Soft Vinyl Assembly Kit Clear Orange Ver. Reprint Edition. As denoted by the product name, it is a re-issue which is huge news for those who missed it when it was released in 2020 as an event-limited item.

Puma Suede VTG “Godzilla” atmos & Soft Vinyl Godzilla with SECRETBASE

There is a three-way collaboration that will make sneaker collectors and fans of Gojira super excited. Godzilla, PUMA,  and Japanese streetwear brand Atmos have come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of Godzilla since its birth in 1954 and mark the release of Godzilla-1.0 on November 03.

Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver Has The “Most Terrifying” Godzilla Design Yet

We have not seen the last of the Godzilla energy drink yet. To mark the release of the latest Godzilla movie, Godzilla -1.0 aka Godzilla Minus One and as an early celebration of 70 years of Gojira, Cheerio – the brand behind the Godzilla energy drink – has released the Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver …

Apple TV Dropped Teaser For Monarch: Legacy of Monsters TV Series!

Rejoice, fans of Godzilla because before the next Japanese Gojira flick lands on the U.S. shores, there is yet another Godzilla entertainment for you to sink your teeth in. Behold the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a spin-off TV series from Legendary’s Godzilla, featuring the scientific organization.

Godzilla Minus One Film Official Trailer, Will Hit The U.S. Theaters On December 01

Godzilla does not seem to be able to die in the films. Meanwhile, in the real world, this immortality applies to the franchise too, which had no less than 36 films and counting. We will never really see the last of it, really. Speaking of which, there is another Godzilla flick coming your way.

DefoReal Evangelion Unit 01 “G” Awakening Mode Figure: Chibi-style Fusion Of EVA And Godzilla

Remember the Godzilla and Evangelion mashup that resulted in an unholy Unit Beast “G” mode statue? Well, it has returned but in an adorable version. OK. Maybe even as a chibi-style (Q or Cute-style) non-articulated figure, the DefoReal Evangelion Unit 01 “G” Awakening Mode Figure is far from cute. It is as unholy as the …

Godzilla (2016) 4th Form Awakening Ver Vinyl Figure Brings Shin Godzilla To Life With Stunning Light-up Feature

The memorable and powerful – both literally and figuratively – atomic breath scene from Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla film is now being immortalized in soft vinyl, well, at the least Gojira is. It is not the first time, though. But rest assured this is very different.

Sushizilla by Ilustrata Vinyl Collectible: When Kaiju Meets Sushi…

Another awesome artwork has made the jump from print to a vinyl collectible – courtesy of Mighty Jaxx. This time, it is Brasil-based Ilustrata’s illustration that has received the vinyl art toy treatment. Ilustrata is best known for its retro art style that mostly involves kaijus and food. You may not have heard of its …

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