U-Treasure Godzilla Gold and Yellow Figures

This Gojira merchandise has nothing to do with the latest Japanese Godzilla movie’s win at the Academy Awards. But you could imagine it is because it is still a celebration of the birth of the OG Godzilla. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Godzilla series, U-Treasure, in collaboration with Toho Co., Ltd., has released a limited edition collection of Godzilla (1954) figures.

U-Treasure Godzilla Gold and Yellow Figures

This unique offering includes figures made from K18 yellow gold, limited to 7 units, and silver 925, limited to 70 units [JP], available for reservation until May 27th, 2024. Crafted with exquisite detail by skilled jewelers, each figure captures the iconic look of Godzilla, from its imposing presence to its distinctive features.

Each figure measures an adorable 51 mm (2″) tall, and 31 mm (1.2″) wide, and is about 70.4 mm (2.8″) from feet to tail. Whether it is gold or silver, each figure is presented with a yellow gold plated silver nameplate that measures 9.5 mm (0.37″) tall and 22.5 mm (0.89″) across, and an acrylic display case with a wooden base. The case measures 137 mm (5.4″) tall with a base and 127 mm (5″) wide.

These collectibles, available at U-Treasure Concept Store Ikebukuro and online, present a rare opportunity for fans to own a piece of cinematic history, blending the allure of precious metals with the timeless appeal of Godzilla.

However, it does not come cheap. The asking price for the Godzilla (1954) Figure Gold (K18 Yellow Gold) is a princely sum of 3,300,000 yen [JP] (or approximately US$22,407), and the Godzilla (1954) Figure Silver (925) is a more “affordable” 550,000 yen [JP] (around US$3,735).

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Images: U-Treasure [JP].