I have mostly good words about the LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356) in the review and so I am kind of pretty happy with how it is now, well, that’s until I saw this: a LEGO Executor Crash Scene MOC by Codyaner (aka codyaner.bricks on Instagram). I know. For everything Darth Vader’s flagship is known for, the Executor Super Star Destroyer was best known for its crash into Death Star II. It is strange but that’s how most of us fans fondly remembered it for.

LEGO Executor Crash Scene LEGO MOC by Codyaner

Anyhoo, Codyaner, who is best known as the guy who built the original Star Wars Trilogy scene by scene out of LEGO elements, create the Executor Crash MOC as part of his Return of the Jedi Building Series and as a homage to the 40th anniversary of the Episode VI. The MOC features the new LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356) and boasts a super cool light-up effect made possible by 20x Bit Lights by Light My Bricks.

The build features a small section of the Death Star II which the Executor crashes into, complete with explosion effects with a light-up feature. The switches to the light-up feature are cleverly hidden in two different openable hatches on the base. The MOC is presented in a format much like the LEGO diorama series and set against a black brick-built backdrop where you can find dots representing other stars as well as the two include Imperial Star Destroyers that came with the 75356. Very cool.

LEGO Executor Crash Scene LEGO MOC by Codyaner

The first time I saw this build, I know I gotta have one too but the problem is, this MOC was built without a plan. Everything you see here is conjured in Codyaner’s brilliant mind. Ugh.

Images: Instagram (@codyaner.bricks).

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