I thought we never will review LEGO sets ever but here I am reviewing the LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356). I had to because this set could be the most anticipated set for fans of the trilogy that started it all. It is even more so if you don’t have the money and space for the UCS model released in 2011. But before we continue, this will be a quick review.

LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review

I will not go into length on how it is structured (OK, maybe just a little). Seriously, I don’t think there is a need since it is a small set with just 650 pieces, which means it has no challenges like drooping issues like the first UCS Imperial Star Destroyer. Anyhoo, so here’s my take…

The build time for the 75356 is around 2 hours or less. Overall, the completed model is an accurately represented Executor Super Star Destroyer that measures a rather adorable 43 cm (17 inches) long, 18 cm (7 inches) wide, and 14 cm (5.5 inches) tall display model. I said adorable because, well, it is.

For a set that is this small, LEGO has put a lot of effort into the internal structure. It has a strong core structure on which the “shell” goes on it. The “shell” in this case would be the external plates which are carefully layered to maintain a relatively thin profile while remaining rather rigid for the given length.

LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review

As always, LEGO love to employ as little connection between the exterior and the core. In this case. Each side has just three hinge bricks 2×2 on each side. Thankfully, this set isn’t big and hence, you do not have obvious gaps at the bow of the destroyer. There is still a bit of gap but not nearly enough to trigger my OCD.

Everything looks fantastic from the top – thanks to the partial LEGO Studs Not On Top (SNOT) build. The partial SNOT build is interjected by some single stud plates which, IMHO, breaks the monotony. The rest of the studs are gathered at the bow of the vessel. It could have been SNOT too for a more consistent look. But it is definitely not a dealbreaker as far as looks go.

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Speaking of aesthetics, it has all the details to express the fact that it is a behemoth among the spaceships in the Star Wars universe. In the film, the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer is a whopping 19 km (12 miles) long. If you have no idea what 12 miles means, LEGO has thoughtfully included two super micro builds of the Imperial Star Destroyer which you can attach to “cruise” alongside the Executor to give you a sense of its scale.

LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review

As far as the build is concerned, the model is structurally reasonably rigid and so is the brick-built stand. The stand attaches to the main spaceship using a traditional plate which is good enough for a firm hold. Around the back, the thrusters of the 13 engine have been recreated too.

That said, it looks great from the back and there is no issue with the frontal view or profile view. But here’s the thing. This model is in its best light when admired at eye level or higher. Everything else on the belly is the undersides of the LEGO plates which we all know is not the prettiest.

So, no, the bottom is not covered. There’s no slope as it should be either. The illusion of slope is offered only by a stepped design. We also understand that if LEGO were to do the same for the belly as it has done for the top, this set would have been much larger and possibly not keep within the Super Star Destroyer proportion and lines. Still, it would have been nice if it can be covered. Just saying…

LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review
Not the prettiest belly…

On the whole, the LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer is adorable and almost perfect if not for the underbelly non-treatment. I would consider it a must-have for fans of the original trilogy. Just make sure don’t display it way too high that would destroy the illusion.

Last we check, the LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356) is temporarily out of stock. But it may be different at physical stores.

LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review
LEGO Star Wars Executor Super Star Destroyer Review

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