LEGO announced 3152 pieces Super Star Destroyer Executor

LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor 544x338px
(credit: LEGO) LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor | US$400.00 |

from September on, a new Star Wars vehicle will join LEGO’s extensive collection of Star Wars models. what makes it exciting is that it is not just any vehicle but it will be the dark lord, Darth Vader’s own personal ship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. beside being the iconic evil henchman’s personal ride, it will also be the longest Star Wars LEGO model at 50-inches (1.27-meters), surpassing the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer UCS edition by a good 14-inches, and weighs in at a hefty 8-lbs (3.6-kilograms). this 3,152 pieces model features a command bridge that has a removable section, where there is a space that’s good for several Star Wars mini-figures. of course, Lord Vader has to be there along with a handful of fiends.

you can get your LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor come this September via LEGO web store or any physical LEGO stores for US$400. i hope this time round, LEGO has a better design to support this large model, cos’ the last time i had the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer UCS edition, the stands barely prop it up, and the whole ship drooped at the overhang area after prolong display. so with this upcoming set being even longer and heavier, i hope everything has already been worked out. the last thing you want to see is a model with drooping overhang.

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LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor 544x311px

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