new 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers from Logitec not Logitech

Logitec LBT-MPSP200SV Bluetooth Speakers 544x360px
(credit: Logitec) Logitec LBT-MPSP200SV | ¥80,000.00 |

Logitec Japan (not to be confused with Logitech, the peripherals maker) recently announced a pretty sleek-looking 2.1 Bluetooth wireless speaker, LBT-MPSP200SV. strangely, Japanese products tends to have such a long model number, well, i’m just saying… anyway, it is compatible with any audio player and mobile devices that supports A2DP profile. some of the highlight includes a pair of 7.5 watts drivers, a built-in USB that can be used to charge mobile devices that runs off USB power (such as your Android handset or iPhone) and it also supports AVRCP for simple play/pause, skipping of tracks via the front control panel. the Logitec LBT-MPSP200SV Bluetooth Speakers will be available end of this month for around ¥80,000 (about US$997).

Logitec via Akihabara News

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