How times have changed. MIDI creation has grown from audio experience to audio and visual experience. For aspiring musicians/creators and enthusiasts, music technology newcomer 203 Electronics has just the right tool to create the ultimate audio and visual composition: the Matrix MIDI Grid Controller.

203 Electronics Matrix MIDI Grid Controller

There are a ton of MIDI grid controllers other there but the Matrix, and the advanced model, Matrix Pro, stands out as a simple-to-use and affordable sound controller that is extremely portable.

At just 13.2 mm thin and 205 by 205 mm (about 8 by 8 inches), and weighing a mere 800g (1.76 lbs), you can bring this little guy anywhere and everywhere you go.

It is designed with openness and community first with an open-source design, customizable software, and with wireless capability to boot.

203 Electronics Matrix MIDI Grid Controller

This new composition, live performance, and light show tool boast 64 RGB backlit pads offering multiple modes of functionality. It offers USB C connectivity, two touch bars, a magnetic mod port, Bluetooth LE as well as WiFi connectivity with 2.4 GHz wireless capability with the optional receiver.

The Matrix Pro model is everything the Matrix is but with an additional 32 RGB underglow LEDs and velocity-sensitive pads. Aesthetically, the Pro model has a translucent bottom cover and grey silicon pads as opposed to the solid green on the Matrix.

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You may learn more about the Matrix MIDI Grid Controller on as well as on Kickstarter where, if desired, you can secure a unit of the Matrix or the Matrix Pro at a starting price of US$99 and US$169, respectively.

203 Electronics Matrix MIDI Grid Controller
203 Electronics Matrix MIDI Grid Controller
203 Electronics Matrix MIDI Grid Controller

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All images courtesy of 203 Electronics.

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