Mutalk Metaverse Soundproof Bluetooth Microphone

How did we miss this at last year’s CES? I am talking about Mutalk, a so-called Metaverse soundproof Bluetooth microphone. While we did not feature this last year when it was showcased at CES 2022, it does look awfully familiar because Bloxvox has been doing it since 2018, albeit less elegantly.

Mutalk Metaverse Soundproof Bluetooth Microphone

So, yeah, Mutalk is another Bane-like mask that aims to keep your words private. In fact, it is even more Bane-like with Mutalk because it has the option to be worn like, well, a mask. Mutalk, btw, is by Shiftall, a Panasonic group company that specializes in VR gears.

The Mutalk is marketed as a Bluetooth microphone that, like Bloxvox prevents voice leakage as well as prevents ambient noise from interfering with your conversation. Shiftall said Mutalk can be used when gaming, including VR gaming, and during remote meetings in noisy places, or just about any occasion you don’t want to be heard and you don’t mind the strange stares – if you are in the public.

Mutalk Metaverse Soundproof Bluetooth Microphone

Shiftall said the device can muffle voice by as much as 30 dB which is like whispering nearby. On the inside, the gadget has a removable and washable moisture-absorbing sponge-like cushion that catches any oral fluid that you may eject when speaking [ewwww…].

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Since smartphones and tablets do not allow simultaneous connection to a Bluetooth mic and Bluetooth earphones, there’s a 3.5 mm headphone jack for use with a smartphone/tablet. However, a wired connection of earphones is not required when used with a PC, said Shiftall.

Speaking of PC, Mutalk will activate the mic automatically when you place it over your mouth and mute automatically when removed.

Over in Japan, Shiftall is taking pre-orders for the device for 19,900 yen (or about 156 USD), shipping to start January (this month) to February 2023. Back in the U.S., Panasonic has once again brought Mutalk to the show and we heard, it will be coming soon to this side of the Pacific for US$200.

Images: Shiftall.