Razer Announced New Desktop Camera And Microphone With A Couple Of World’s First

With so many gamers turning to streaming to earn their keeps, it only makes sense that one of the leading gaming lifestyle company, Razer, would want to dabble in streaming broadcast hardware. In fact, the company has recently announced a couple of new certified broadcast hardware joining its Broadcaster product line. The products, Razer Kiyo […]

Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone Promised Studio-Quality Recordings Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are a YouTuber or an aspiring recording artiste, you will want your audience hear the audio as intended. You can do so by renting a pro studio or give up a limb or a leg for expensive recording equipment. But thanks to Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone you don’t have to sacrifice your limbs […]

Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone

the biggest hurdle with any audio recording is probably post production. not everyone has the software and the skills necessary for a perfect job, which is why there is the Nessie USB Microphone by Blue Microphones. it gives you studio-enhanced sound for desktop recording of vocals, instruments, voiceovers and more

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

a decent DSLR these can easily address HD videoing needs for small to medium size productions, but we can’t say the same for the sound it would yield. hence, we see DSLR-based video rig treated to a Centurion-like add on, or lack thereof in some cases. billed as the world’s first handy recorder with interchangeable microphone

Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit

the market is certainly no shortage of purpose-built rig to turn your iPhone into a full-fledge videoing rig. we ourselves have seen plenty of them but you know what’s missing from these rigs? a good, big pro-grade microphone to capture the pristine audio to match with the iPhone’s beautiful full HD 1080p video recording. this is where the marriage between Apogee’s MiC, a studio…