We know that smartphones have made audio recorder obsolete. But what if audio recorder is also a microphone? Perhaps, it is worthwhile getting an audio recorder – especially if you are a content creator. No? The Tula Mic from startup Tula Microphones is one such device.

Tula Microphones Tula Mic

Tula Mic is a USB microphone that connects with USB-C connectivity. It is also a mobile recorder with internal memory and battery, and function keys, thus allowing it to be used without a computer.

This modern yet nostalgic mic/audio recorder is suitable a variety of applications, including recording interview, concert, board meeting, and if you desire, nature sounds.

Tula Mic is not just a pretty gadget. It is loaded with features, including Swedish software company Klevgrand’s noise reduction algorithm which lets you remove unwanted background noise at a touch of a button.

Tula Microphones Tula Mic

That’s just a start. It also touts an advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), dedicated cardioid and omnidirectional ECM capsules that offers a range of polar patterns, Burr Brown op amps, Texas Instruments audio codec, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack that doubles as mobile recording or USB mode, and as an input for a clip-on Lavalier microphone.

The built-in rechargeable battery is good for up to 14 hours of battery life in between charges and supports ultra fast charging. The Tula Mic comes with a detachable base and a universal adapter for mic stands and arms. It will work with both Mac and Windows as well as Android and iOS devices.

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In case anyone’s interested, you may want to know the Tula Mic by Tula Microphones can be had for US$199 from tulamics.com.

Images: Tula Microphones.

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