Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones

Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones
(image: Crystal Rocked) Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones | £890.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

being a club DJ ain’t no glamorous job but that doesn’t mean you should not shine in your own accord with something as alluring and glittery as this Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition by Crystal Rocked. this blinged up over-the-ear music cans is specially created to mark the release of Dr Dre’s album DETOX and features a stunning 3,000 individual Swarovski Jet Hematite encrusted over its lightweight, aluminum construction. other features include large, plush ear cushions for passive noise isolation, dual input/output cable ports for daisy-chaining headphones, and convenient flip-up ear cups design. each of this fine example will come with a Monster Cable headphone cable, a 1/8 to 1/4″ adapter, a Touring case, and a Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology to upkeep the aesthetic of your luxurious cans. if you are still contemplating for one, then you better be quick in your decision-making process as only 20 units of such fine example will be made available but before you get to that, i think you should be aware that this exquisite pair of cans will set you back at £890 or US$1,380, based on the current going rate. ouch.
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