Luxury MIG 675 Yacht powered by hydrogen fuel [video]

Luxury MIG 675 Yacht
(image: Luxury-Sea) Luxury-Sea MIG 675 Yacht | €250,000.00 |

hydrogen powered vehicles are not new but this particular example here takes hydrogen power to the next level. what makes the Luxury-Sea MIG 675 here special is that it harvests its fuel directly from the water that it is travelling on. now, you can’t really do that with a land transport, do you? powered by a 500 horsepower hydrogen motor that is capable of propelling this 2,866 pounds, aluminum hull luxury boat up to 70 mph without polluting the environment. since it draws its fuel directly off the water beneath it, it negates the need for any compressed tanks, which translates to space saving. the boat can comfortably accommodates up to three persons and features LED navigation system, a leather interior, a built-in bar, teak floors, an retractable table, a shower, a toilet, and the all-important sun deck. don’t ask me how all those amenities were packed into this compact 22-footer cos’ we absolutely have no idea. all we know is, we love how the boat was sculptured. the good news for those with deep pockets is, the Luxury MIG 675 Yacht can be yours for a bank-breaking €250,000 (about US$325,625). wow. check out a video of the MIG 675 in action after the break.
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Luxury-Sea [FR] via Inhabitat

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