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UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack

UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack

need to stay off-the-grid for an extended period of time, like say, for about a week? in this case you can either lug along dozens of portable battery chargers to keep your portable devices juiced, or you could go with the UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack which promised to deliver at least one week of charge even to the most power-hungry smartphones.

Brookstone Fuel Cell Portable Charger

we love gadgets but like all geeks, we have only one gripe in general: the batteries don’t usually last long enough for us to fully utilize our gadgets’ features. yes, we do have portable batteries or chargers to give our gadgets a dose of juice when our they are low in juice but these batteries are still based on lithium-ion battery, who’s technology…

WeBike Pedal Power Seating

getting regular exercises and still keeping up with your busy work schedule is next to impossible for most of us. instead of trying to stretch your time to hit the gym, you could make better use of your desk bound time to exercise…