want some free power? try this DIY wind powered turbine

The Zoetrope Wind Turbine 544x410px
(image credit: Applied Sciences/Mike Marohn)

before the wind cube actually makes into the market (if it ever does…), here’s an alternative that you can actually build at your own backyard using commonly available materials such as stove pipe, metal brackets, plastic sheet and a trailer hub. sure, you can always get the Israeli company, WINFLEX to build one of those low-cost inflatable wind turbine but nothing beats the satisfaction of building your own wind harvesting contraption, besides, you don’t really need the immense power, unless you want to take everything off the grid.

it’s great that Applied Sciences has decided to make the knowledge of construction of the vertical axis wind turbine available freely. head on to Applied Sciences website to find out more. who knows, the mad scientist in you may be able to improve the design and functionality further? check out the vertical axis wind turbine, dubbed The Zoetrope in action in the videos after the break.

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The Zoetrope Wind Turbine on a temporary stand 800x600px The Zoetrope Wind Turbine installed 800x600px

Applied Sciences via Hack A Day

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