inflatable racing kart add realism to your racing experience on Wii

CTA Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii 544x408px
(image credit: CTA) CTA Inflatable Racing Karts for Wii | US$39.99 |

racing game fans will appreciate the realism that a racing simulator set-up can provide but often, these expensive set-up are reserves for consoles like xbox 360 and PS3. Wii fans are often left in the cold, until now. CTA, a firm specialized in gaming accessories, introduces the Inflatable Racing Karts for Wii – a inflatable kart designed in the style of a go-cart complete with a plastic steering wheel that holds your Wii-mote with or without MotionPlus. perfect for a game of Mario Go-Kart race.
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it maybe an inflatable but it is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs (about 136 KG) of weight. the best part is, it can be easily be deflated for storage, thus giving you the space you need for your next party at home. instead of pricey thousand bucks simulator, the Inflatable Racing Karts for Wii only cost $39.99 a pop and is available on Target online store. granted, it’s not a real driving simulator per say but hey, it’s better than nothing and it is affordable too.

CTA Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii 544x180px
(image credit: CTA) don’t underestimate this inflatable. it can actually hold up to 300 lbs


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  1. I bought two of these for my kids because they love mario kart. We opened them and inflated them and were very impressed. The kids loved them. Unfortunately after one day, both of the karts ripped at the seam where the seat meets the body of the car. I believe they say this car can support a few hundred pounds. My kids weight less than 50 pounds each, so this has to be a design flaw, or just poor quality. The only good thing about all of this is that they were willing to let me return them both.

    1. yeah. it is suppose to support up to 300 pounds. looks like it doesn’t. it such a shame as the kart looks really cute. i contemplated buying this for myself but then, i weigh a good 75 kg, so guess it’s not going hold up too well for me. goof to know that you get your money back.

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