Angry Birds USB Slingshot

Angry Birds USB Slingshot
(photos: mbed) Angry Birds USB Slingshot | US$na |

with 300 million minutes played a day, Angry Birds success is no small feat and hence, it is high time for the game to get a little more ‘interactive’. we are familiar with gaming accessories like steering wheels, gun attachment and the likes but for Angry Birds, it calls for a good slingshot to do the job. unfortunately, there is none in the market that money can buy but if you have hands of a carpenter and a programmer at the same time, you probably can make one yourself by following the documentation as laid out on mbed. dubbed as the Angry Birds USB Slingshot, this essential gaming peripheral for any die-hard Angry Birds fanatics uses accelerometer to determine the tilt of the slingshot and a rubber stretch sensor to measure how much the rubber is being stretched. by translating those values to mouse actions, the end result is a cool slingshot peripheral. sounds easy but it really isn’t. just by reading through the documentation is enough to induce headache in a layman like me. anyway, hit a the jump for a rather humorous teaser trailer of this awesome Angry Birds USB Slingshot.

mbed via The Fancy

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