Ferrari F12berlinetta 1:43 scale model

Ferrari F12berlinetta 1:43 scale model
(photos: Ferrari) Ferrari F12berlinetta 1:43 scale | US$319.00 |

Ferrari has its fans – some whom readily afford any new ride that it rolls out, while others, well… are just fans who make do with what they can afford such as acquiring their fashion wears, peripherals or perhaps, for the more dedicated not-so-well-to-do fans, die-cast cars. the latter offers the exact deal, albeit being a non-drivable, scaled down version but still, very much desirable and you can admired it all day long without having to spend the entire time in your garage or driveway. speaking of which, you probably can get your hands on the latest Ferrari F12berlinetta in its 1:43 scale form much earlier than the real road-going example when it (meaning the real thing) finally makes its public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next week. expect the same level of details offered in any official Ferrari die-cast models, presented on a tan leather base and shield from the elements by a plexiglas case, along with a customized plate. the Ferrari F12berlinetta 1:43 scale can be yours in exchange for some of your greens or $319, to be exact. let’s think of it as this way: getting a gorgeous ride much sooner and costing a fraction of the real deal price. so what’s not to love?

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