Medicom Real Action Heroes Shin Kamen Rider Figure And Cyclone Motorcycle

Medicom has unleashed two most important collectibles for fans of Kamen Riders. The first is the new Real Action Heroes No.789 RAH Kamen Rider (Shin Kamen Rider) collectible figure. Standing 30 cm (12″) tall, the figure is based on the suit worn by protagonist Takeshi Hongo (played by Sosuke Ikematsu).

CAPO 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit: The Next Level Of Radio Controlled Car

I am sure everyone knows what radio-controlled or remote-controlled cars are. However, unless you are immersed deeply in this hobby, you probably never know how far this hobby has come regarding the scale representation of the actual automobiles. The CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit is a perfect example of how far scale …

Custom 3D Printed JDM Engine Models Let You Have A Piece Of JDM’s History

A true petrolhead will appreciate a transparent combustion engine model that lets him or her marvel at the beauty of the inner working of an internal combustion engine. While cool, there are no transparent combustion engine model of the JDM engines. Thankfully, there is this: Custom Scale Engine Model by DBS Works.

If You Own The LEGO Creator Colosseum, You’re Owning One Of The World Records

Not many people can make the Guinness World Records. However, we can own a piece of one or many records. You can do so by picking up a Guinness World Records Book. Or you could own a set of the LEGO 10276 Creator Colosseum because, this 9,036-piece gargantuan building set launched last year is now …