With the proliferation of 3D printing, we are surprised that nobody has created a scale, functional roller coaster model yet. What you see here is apparently the first.

3D Printed Functional Model Roller Coaster

This 1:35 scale roller coaster model by 3d_coasters has staked claim as the world’s first functional 3D printed launch roller coaster. And its creation has some pretty serious implications with regards to scale thrill ride modeling and roller coaster design.

I do not know the actual process of designing a roller coaster, but as a layman, what 3d_coasters has done could be use as part of future roller coaster design process.

3D Printed Functional Model Roller Coaster

In the 6 months used to develop this functional thrill ride model, 3d_coasters said he has picked “invaluable lessons in design feasibility, and problem solving.” I do know that current roller coaster designing process involves computer 3D simulation, but this could offer a more realistic feel during the design stage. I don’t know. I could be wrong.

In any case, 3d_coasters’ creation is complete with launch, brakes, and even a station with opening gates. The brain of the system is an Arduino which controls 5 micro servo motors and a DC motor.

If you are already missing the thrill of roller coaster rides during the pandemic, building on scale version and watch it run could be just as therapeutic. Or you could just go the VR way.

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Images: YouTube (3d_coasters).

via Gizmodo.

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