unbeknownst to some, paper-made representations of real world products is kind of a taboo thing to traditional Chinese culture (hint: burning) and therefore it is not something any living would love to share their mortal home with. and that’s partly why we never post any of these paper-made rep stuff. we didn’t think they look nice anyway – until now. the Papercraft Pagani Zonda from VisualSpicer has our big stamp of exception. we had to make that chop cos’ it looks so damn freaking beautiful and look very much like the real world, million dollar example. for a mere $1.95, you could own the cool papercraft version of one of the coolest car on the planet. yes. there’s no ‘m’ trailing those numbers, so it is in fact less than the amount for a decent meal these days. an awesome product dedicated to all who love Zonda and who dig the ideal of building stuff, and for everyone who are not fortunate enough to be riding in one of these exotic supercars. sure. you could grab an exquisitely crafted die-cast model to satisfy your love for this Italian super stallion, but ask yourself these: does your die-cast example cost 2 bucks and measures a humongous two and half feet long? yea. we didn’t think so too. as long you have a few dollars to spare, a PayPal account and a reasonable awesome printer, the Papercraft Pagani Zonda could be yours almost instantly. scroll down for a small gallery and a product video.

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