playing games on your iPhone is a great way to spice up an otherwise boring commute, but there’s a problem there: it sucks up your barely-enough-for-the-day battery juice. the solution? snap on the Elecom Playgame iPhone 5 Cases. the Playgame case is so called because it is not just a case that protects your 5 from the daily knocks and bumps, but it has a good’ol nostalgia puzzle game stuck to its back to keep you entertained for those long, boring commute. thereby, saving your phone from the unnecessary battery drain, while letting you have a blast with the game that used to fill your life before the digital revolution triumphed. the Elecom Playgame iPhone 5 Cases come in five models: drop ball, sort ball, pachinko, fifteen puzzle, and the evergreen maze; each featuring a rugged polycarbonate resin construction in matching funky color. the case, of course, still offers access to all ports and buttons for the proper operation of your iPhone. unless you are cool with sudoku, the Playgame case will keep your hands and mind occupied, also let your lovely 5 stands among the oceans of plastic cases. available this March in the Land of the Rising sun with no word on its pricing as yet. learn more about the Elecom Playgame iPhone Case HERE – IF you understand Japanese, or has no issues with broken English translation provided by our favorite search giant. another look after the break.

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Elecom Playgame iPhone 5 Cases

Elecom via Damn Geeky

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