Elecom Announces High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones, Claims 3X More Audio Details Than CD Audio

Osaka-based Japanese electronics company Elecom are best known for turning out computer peripherals and gadget accessories. But today, they wanted a piece of action in the high-resolution personal listening devices too, starting with the Elecom EHP-CH1000 and EHP-CH2000 Series In-Ear Headphones. Not that Elecom has never produces any earphones before; they have been doing that, […]

Elecom Playgame iPhone 5 Cases

playing games on your iPhone is a great way to spice up an otherwise boring commute, but there’s a problem there: it sucks up your barely-enough-for-the-day battery juice. the solution? snap on an Elecom Playgame iPhone Case. the Playgame case is so called because it is not just a case that protects your 5 from the daily knocks and bumps, but

Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows

we have taken the Windows 8 for a test drive and our verdict? it was certainly sleek and pretty intuitive except for one thing: when installed on non-touchscreen machine, its full gesture control potential cannot be realized, which, in our humble opinion, makes this new OS a little less desirable (after all, multitouch…

Ultra Compact USB Flash Drive

as small as today’s USB flash drives are, they are still pretty cumbersome if you want to slip the USB flash drive into a bag still attached to your laptop. and even if you don’t have the habit of keeping your laptop with a USB flash drive on, still, a rectangular thumb-size object sticking out of an otherwise sleek laptop is never a welcome sight – not if the Ultra Compact USB Flash…