Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows

Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows M-TP01DSWH
we have taken the Windows 8 for a test drive and our verdict? it was certainly sleek and pretty intuitive except for one thing: when installed on non-touchscreen machine, its full gesture control potential cannot be realized, which, in our humble opinion, makes this new OS a little less desirable (after all, multitouch touch control is one of the selling point of the new Windows 8 OS). lucky for Windows 8 user who don’t wish to upgrade their hardware, there’s the Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows (M-TP01DS Series), a standalone touchpad designed specifically for Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT and offers you no less than eighteen Windows 8 specific gestures. the M-TP01DS hooks up to your Windows 8 machine wirelessly via 2.4GHz band and hardware itself has a slopping design that is said to discourage fatigue. powered by regular AA batteries, wireless connectivity to your computer is via a ultra compact USB receiver which can be stowed away under the touchpad when not in use to eliminate the possibility of loosing it. the Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows comes in black (M-TP01DSBK) or white (M-TP01DSWH) and will be available to the Japan market from January 2013 for ¥10,657 (about US$125) a pop.

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