Orée Touch Slab – Awesome Wooden Trackpad

like all tech lovers, we have grown to appreciate aluminum as a symbol of tech, but that is not to say we don’t appreciate things outside of the norm, such as this awesome Orée Touch Slab. crafted from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood, the Orée Touch Slab is the natural take of the trackpad that you know

Wacom Bamboo Pad – Touchpad with Stylus

love adding personal touches to your digital documents by signing on them? then you will appreciate the new Wacom Bamboo Pad. it is essentially a touchpad (or some call it ‘trackpad’) for PC and Mac that supports multitouch gestures for interface navigation your computer and it is also works with pressure-sensitive Wacom

Kinect Ubi Software Touchscreen

fancy turning any surface, walls included, into a touchscreen? well, here’s the good news: it is not science friction anymore. with the ‘right equipment’, Ubi Interactive’s software can make your fantasy becomes a reality now. there are three (or four, if you don’t already have a Windows 8-loaded PC) things you need to realize this dream:

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

still remember the Microsoft Surface touchscreen table PC and the big ass Android tablet from Kouziro? now, can you imagine fusing the two together? no? may be a little help here: just take a look at the new Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC (note: it’s a ‘table’ not ‘tablet’) and that, my friend, is probably what the fusion will look like. the Horizon is essentially a Windows 8…

Elecom Wireless Multitouch Trackpad for Windows

we have taken the Windows 8 for a test drive and our verdict? it was certainly sleek and pretty intuitive except for one thing: when installed on non-touchscreen machine, its full gesture control potential cannot be realized, which, in our humble opinion, makes this new OS a little less desirable (after all, multitouch…

LG 23-inch Touch 10 Monitor

according to the late Steve Jobs, consumers don’t favor vertically placed touchscreen as our hands will get tired after sometime and we believe there are some truth to Jobs argument but not withstanding the ‘some truth’, that notion is about to change now that Windows 8 is officially out in the wild. computer makers are jumping into the touchscreen bandwagon in full force and…

ideum PLATFORM Touch Table

fancy going real high tech in your humble abode? how about adding a touchscreen table, like this ideum PLATFORM Touch Table? who would have thought we would ever need a touchscreen table in our homes, well, on second thought, maybe we don’t. with a $15,950 sticker, clearly, the PLATFORM is geared to towards commercial usage but as always…