love adding personal touches to your digital documents by signing on them? then you will appreciate the new Wacom Bamboo Pad. it is essentially a touchpad (or some call it ‘trackpad’) for PC and Mac that supports multitouch gestures for interface navigation your computer and it is also works with pressure-sensitive Wacom stylus that lets you add your signature, doodle or add handwritten annotations to your documents. since it works in sync with pressure-sensitive stylus, we can safely assume that your signature or whatever your hand scribbles, will be as natural as pen and paper. well, if the video is to be believed (pardon us for being skeptics), the handwriting part appears to be pretty awesome to us.

available in choice of wired (via USB connection) and wireless model, and with four designs (more like colors) to choose from including a discrete grey with a shiny surface, a white pad with one of three color accents: blue, light green or purple (wireless model only). it’s a plug-and-play touchpad for computers running Windows 7 and 8, but will require a driver for Apple computers. the Wacom Bamboo Pad is set to be available later this month for $49 and $79 for the tethered model and wireless model, respectively.

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