with the influx of all-in-one PC, we are not sure if there’s still a place for mini desktop machines, but for work places and homes where space is a premium or for those who have a distaste for any gadgets that are bigger than a pizza box, the Intel NUC Kit D54250WYKH mini desktop computer seems like a favorable proposition. with a footprint of a just 116.6mm by 112mm (which is way smaller than the current Mac mini, if anyone’s keen to know), this mini PC is new definition of small when it comes to desktop computer. in fact, we are obliged to described it as ‘tiny’. in any case, the Intel NUC Kit D54250WYKH is a follow up to the D54250WYK (note the missing ‘H’ in the model number), but it is a little thicker at 49.5mm, to accommodate a 2.5-inch SATA HDD or SSD. other than, the aesthetic seems to be pretty much the same as the D54250WYK.

spec-sheet details include 4th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, clocking in at 1.3GHz with turbo boost functionality, supports Hyper-Threading Technology and 64-bit architecture, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel HD Audio, supports up to 16GB RAM, Ethernet port and a wireless antenna that’s integrated into the enclosure, so it won’t have to put up with unsightly ‘pole’. in case you are wondering, the enclosure is of aluminum with a “diamond cut around black top”, which basically means both the aluminum “ring” and the black top cover are diamond cut (nice way of saying that they are chamfered) for that extra sleek appearance. on the interface department, it has a HDMI 1.4a, one mini DisplayPort 1.2 supporting ultra high-definition 4K displays and multiple monitor functionality, stereo analog microphone and headphone combo audio jack, four USB 3.0 ports (two front, two rear), and a consumer-grade infrared sensor. last but not least, it also offers expansion capabilities via two PCIe card connectors – one half-mini and one full-mini.

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and oh did we mention that this machine only sucks up 65W of power to get the clockwork ticking? and that folks, is the wonder of the low-power, high-performance processor coming from Intel. so, if you are all in for a really tiny computing device that’s also light on your utility bill and has the power to see to your entertainment and gaming needs, the Intel NUC Kit D54250WYKH Mini Desktop Computer might be a worthy contender. no word of the exact availability (supposedly to be available around this time, though) and sticker at this point, but according to Legit Reviews, it has a SRP of $363. take a few more look in the gallery below.

Intel via Ubergizmo

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