we are not going to pretend the Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper is a brilliant invention because the fact is, drinking and mucking around with electrical stuff does not mix (and they never will) – unless you are talking about popping open a bottle of soda, but you’d be hard-pressed to find soda in capped bottles these days, so our statement still stands. and that other function there? it is a wire stripper NOT a stripper, stripper, so yes, they don’t quite mix well like alcohol and the other type of stripper if you intend to do both at the same time. but seriously, you don’t really need to be consuming alcoholic beverages and doing electrical work at the same to take advantage of the tool’s awesome function. the tool is there for your convenience, but it doesn’t mean you have to stripping 10-gauge wires which it can do and popping caps at the simultaneously.

oddly, this tool is part of power tool manufacturer Milwaukee Tool’s arsenal of tools, which strangely, we can’t seem to locate them on their official website other than on Amazon. don’t blame us. the terms “Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper” pops up in the top five searches when we were trying to source for a decent image to go with this post. so there you have it, the definitive tool for those who has the need for both popping and stripping, plus it looks kind of rad when you have a bottle opener fused to the signature Milwaukee’s hand tools handle, don’t you think? it kind of makes popping a cold one, well, more manly. you can lay your hands on one for just 10 bucks on Amazon, but at the time of this writing, it is kind of sold out. bummer.

via Gizmodo

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