however agile your watercraft might be, it can never stack up to the agility of the land-going go-kart, well, that is until now. meet the WoKart Personal Watercraft, the boat that will give you the speed and agility of a go-kart (hence, the ‘kart’ in its namesake) on the open water. described as an asymmetric catamaran, the WoKart is powered by a 70 hp outboard motor that provides it with the grunt to cut across the water at an impressive 40 knots or 75 km/h in land speed. what makes the WoKart stands out from the horde of personal watercrafts lies in the design, which was meticulously calculated and balanced, thereby enabling it to achieve superb agility such as making an instant 90 degrees turn at high speed.

part of the secret lies in its centrally-located outboard motor and having an outboard motor design, as opposed to a built-in motor like most power boats have, allows for switching up to higher power, such as a 85 hp motor, as desired but then again, that sort of power may not be for everyone. you know, as they say, “with great power comes great responsibility.” anyway, completing the “aquatic go-kart” package is a lone automotive-inspired custom sport seat and controls, which makes the WoKart even more go-kart-like, except that it is destined for the open sea. apparently, this vehicle has been in the development for four years now and it would ready for your taking next year for a cool €20,000 (around US$27,410).

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in fact, if you have pretty penny to drop, you can actually place the order starting now. however, if you are all in for a couple ride, you might want to hold out the order as WoKart has a two-seater, dubbed the WoKart Twin, in the pipeline. take a few more look in the handful of images below and while you are there, you might also want to catch a video of the WoKart Personal Watercraft tearing up the water.

WoKart via Gizmag

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