This scooter is not electric, neither does it have groundbreaking technology, but it is probably one of the coolest scooter on this planet because, Gundam. Whether or not you are a fan of this nearly 40-year-old Japanese giant mecha, you can’t deny this Gundam scooter is a serious head turner. Whoever created this custom Gundam scooter is pure genius. Though, something could be done about the headlamp and turn signal lights, so the scooter could have a more integrated look. Just saying… We do not know the background of this two-wheel of awesomeness, but we do know Ryo Inoue, a Japanese who no doubt have a huge thing for Gundam, is the new proud owner.

Ryo Inoue Custom Gundam Scooter
Credit: Ryo Inoue.

According to a report, this Gundam “New Type” scooter was on Yahoo! Auctions Japan which it had a starting bid of 239,000 Yen (approximately US$2,211) and eventually transacted at 498,000 Yen (or about US$4,607). We are not sure if Ryo was the winner of the auction, which ended about six months ago, but in a Tweet posted on September 9, he mentioned “it has been delivered!” And so, he was probably the lucky person who won the auction. Whatever the case maybe, this is it, Ryo is the official new pilot behind this iconic mecha in scooter form and we are so very envious, and he is going to make everyone he passes by green with envy too by hooking up a speaker, so he can playback Gundam theme music as he ride along. Sounds like a logical move to us.

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Ryo Inoue Custom Gundam Scooter
Credit: Kotaku.

Image: Ryo Inoue via Twitter.

Additional image: Kotaku.

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