McLaren Applied’s LAVOIE Series 1 Electric Scooter: E-scooter Takes The Luxury Sports Car Route

McLaren’s engineering arm, McLaren Applied, has set up a new micro-mobility company. Called LAVOIE, it is a premium mobility brand that aims to redefine urban mobility through motorsport and luxury automotive engineering. So, it is not just slapping on a motor on any old skatescooter.

The Third Transformers x Segway Product Is This Bumblebee Segway C8 eKickscooter

The third Transformers and Segway collaboration product has been revealed and it is a Bumblebee-themed Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter. For the Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter, the grips, as well as the main body, are in Bumblebee yellow with the stem in matte black.

New Airwheel Suitcase Scooter Has A Transparent Body

Not sure if you noticed but airports are getting bigger. And while a carry-on suitcase is usually not heavy since there is a limit to how much it can pack and also it can be towed, it can make walking a little more inconvenient. But that will not be the case with the Airwheel Rideable …

Here Are What You Need To Know About The 2023 Piaggio 1 Series Electric Scooters

At the recent Milan Motorcycle Shows (EICMA), Italian scooter maker Piaggio revealed the 2023 Piaggio 1 Series electric scooters. The Piaggio 1 is not only stylish but environmentally-friendly* – thanks to it being electric. There are three models in the new Piaggio 1 lineup, plus a special edition with fashion designer Feng Chen Wang. The …

Piaggio Liberty 150 Baci Perugina Scooter: Yes, It’s That Famous Italian Chocolate Brand

Here’s an unlikely but very pleasant collaboration that will put a smile on scooter-riding, chocolate lovers. What you see here is the result of a collaboration between chocolate confectionary brand Perugina, most notable for its Baci brand of chocolate, and Italian scooter maker Piaggio. That’s right. That right there is a chocolate-themed Piaggio. How sweet …

Can You Tell This Segway GT2 Superscooter Is Megatron-inspired?

The first product from the Segway and Transformers collaboration we heard about in March is finally here. Back then we already knew three Segway products will receive the Transformers co-branding and they are a Bumblebee GoKart Pro, an Optimus Prime Kids Kicksctooer, and a Megatron KickScooter GT2, which we now know is officially called Megatron …

Dragonfly Hyperscooter Has 3D Full-tilt Steering System And Wishbone Suspension

What you see here is the new Dragonfly 4-wheel stand-up electric scooter, the “world’s first hyperscooter”. It may not be nearly as fast as the two-wheeled Segway GT Series and the single-wheel Bogode Master but what it has to offer is a ride experience unlike no other and of course, a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic.