Pros And Cons Of Using An Electric Scooter To Commute To College

Scooters have advanced; they are no longer just recreational items for kids and teens. Electric scooters now offer long-range benefits even for adults, especially college students who commute to school. As their popularity advances, we gradually notice the upsides and downsides of using electric scooters for transport. The primary question then arises: just how convenient …

This Is X1 Electric Maxi-Scooter, Singapore-based Scorpion Electric’s First Electric Motorcycle

Singapore now has its own electric motorcycle brand, Scorpio Electric. Revealed at the recent Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) in Milan is the X1 Electric Max-scooter, Scorpio Electric’s first electric motorcycle. The specs will not blow minds but it definitely has the look.

Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter: A Futuristic Electric Two-wheeler With A Geometric Shape Styling

This is the Infinite Machine P1. It is not just another electric vehicle. It’s a personal mobility revolution that merges cutting-edge design with exceptional performance and practicality, tailor-made for urban living. If you’ve ever been captivated by the bold aesthetics of the Cybertruck, get ready to go ga-ga over the new Infinite Machine P1. I …

Honda Motocompacto Foldable Electric Scooter: The Motocompo Lives On As An Electric Last-Mile Vehicle

The Honda City and the companion add-on Motocompo folding scooter are good examples of how forward-thinking Honda was. Honda had thought about last-mile transportation even before it was a thing. Unfortunately, though, the adorable Motocompo was short-lived and when it was available, it was only as an add-on for Honda City buyers in Japan. Fast …

This Is Agao Solar Scooter. It May Never Need Plugging In If Is Always Sunny In The Day

You probably do not have range anxiety using an electric scooter within the city but if you do, there is a new kind of scooter that quell whatever range anxiety you may have – more so if you live in a mostly sunny country. Folks, meet the Solar Scooter from a Chinese tech startup, Wuxi-based …

McLaren Applied’s LAVOIE Series 1 Electric Scooter: E-scooter Takes The Luxury Sports Car Route

McLaren’s engineering arm, McLaren Applied, has set up a new micro-mobility company. Called LAVOIE, it is a premium mobility brand that aims to redefine urban mobility through motorsport and luxury automotive engineering. So, it is not just slapping on a motor on any old skatescooter.

The Third Transformers x Segway Product Is This Bumblebee Segway C8 eKickscooter

The third Transformers and Segway collaboration product has been revealed and it is a Bumblebee-themed Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter. For the Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter, the grips, as well as the main body, are in Bumblebee yellow with the stem in matte black.

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