This is the Infinite Machine P1. It is not just another electric vehicle. It’s a personal mobility revolution that merges cutting-edge design with exceptional performance and practicality, tailor-made for urban living. If you’ve ever been captivated by the bold aesthetics of the Cybertruck, get ready to go ga-ga over the new Infinite Machine P1. I know I certainly am.

Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter

The P1 is an electric motorcycle with a distinct scooter form that perfectly complements its geometric design. While it may not be as audacious as the Cybertruck, it exudes a futuristic charm all its own.

The P1 wasn’t pieced together; it was meticulously designed from the ground up to be the ultimate city vehicle. It’s a visual masterpiece from every angle, boasting a robust aluminum and steel monochassis and an iconic front fascia that’s both beautiful and built to last. When you take the P1 out on the road, it feels right at home – agile yet sturdy, perfectly adapted for navigating bustling city streets.

And speaking of speed, the P1 takes the crown in its class. It can hit speeds of up to 55 mph (86 km/h), thanks to its rapid acceleration powered by a 12 kW-peak motor and a 4.3 kWh, 72-volt battery system. With a full charge, the P1 offers a city-friendly range of at least 60 miles (97 km).

Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter

What’s more, its removable battery can be conveniently charged with a standard outlet, even from the comfort of your apartment. The P1 doesn’t stop there; it offers four distinctive drive modes: Eco, Performance, Reverse, and Turbo Boost, a mode that unleashes peak power for that extra adrenaline rush.

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But the P1 is not just about aesthetics and speed; it’s also highly practical. Its rear end features a versatile modular system, ready to carry anything from cargo to a speaker system. There’s abundant storage throughout the vehicle, with a roomy pocket under the steering cluster, generous space for bags and cargo between the rider’s legs, and a concealed storage compartment beneath the seat. When it comes to parking, the P1 excels, easily slipping between cars and making parking a breeze.

What’s more, the P1 proudly features wireless Apple CarPlay, setting a new standard in its class. You can control the vehicle through a user-friendly app, which even offers remote unlocking and a cloud-based theft detection system for added peace of mind.

Infinite Machine is offering up an opportunity to be part of a revolution. And if you are down, you may place your order now at But don’t wait too long; the initial production lot is limited to just 1,000 units, and the offer is only open for the next 10 days. Be warned though. It is not cheap. The Lot 01 price is US$10,000.

Deposit is expected today and the vehicle, which is offered in silver and black, will ship in 12-18 months.

Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter
Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter
Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter
Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter

Images: Infinite Machine.

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