Scooters have advanced; they are no longer just recreational items for kids and teens. Electric scooters now offer long-range benefits even for adults, especially college students who commute to school. As their popularity advances, we gradually notice the upsides and downsides of using electric scooters for transport. The primary question then arises: just how convenient are these scooters?

Are they suitable for college students? Before purchasing a scooter for commuting to school, it is essential to understand its benefits and drawbacks and how they will impact your daily commute. So, let’s discuss the benefits and limitations of using an electric scooter to commute to college.

The Perks Of Using Electric Scooters To Commute To School

Pros And Cons Of Using An Electric Scooter To Commute To College
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E-scooters have a wide range of benefits, especially for students looking for a convenient mode of transport. From being environmentally friendly to their convenience and affordability, students stand to benefit from them. Let’s review some top benefits of riding an e-scooter to college.

Reliable Mode Of Transport

When you have a complex essay and are thinking, “I should get someone to do my essay,” you would want to pay a writer from a reliable service. They should be able to offer the required help punctually and be there in case you need corrections made. It’s the same when choosing a transport mode for college; you want something reliable that won’t let you down.

Collegians often operate under tight schedules. Thus, one needs a reliable mode of transport to keep up with the busy timetable. For example, being late to school, even by a few minutes, may result in missing a class or important parts of a lesson.

The compact size of e-scooters makes them easy to move swiftly past the traffic. You can also pass through shorter routes where cars may not pass, making getting to class on time easy. Scooters are fast enough and efficient regardless of the speed limit. Therefore, if you are looking for a time-efficient and reliable mode of transport to school, an electric scooter can guarantee this.

Easy To Use

Riding an electric scooter does not require any form of training or license, making it efficient for college students. Besides, most states do not require any public registration to ride a scooter. An electric scooter is also suitable for collegians since it has no steep learning curve; you will even require less effort learning a scooter than learning how to ride a bike. All you need is balance and concentration to avoid accidents.

Environmental Friendly

More people are gradually becoming conscious about protecting the environment. Thus, if you are looking to minimize your carbon footprint, riding an electric scooter will help achieve that. E-scooters have zero carbon emissions. Thus, if more collegians use them to commute to school, they will lower environmental pollution significantly.


Various expenses can make college costly, from tuition fees to textbooks, accommodation, and entertainment. If you live off-campus, you must also factor in transport costs. You need to find various ways to cut costs, and buying an electric scooter will mean you don’t have to add transport expenses to your budget. Besides, purchasing an electric scooter will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t spend on fuel and maintenance, unlike a car.

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Makes Cross-Campus Travel Easier

For more prominent institutions, scooters make moving within the campus bearable. You may feel drained carrying heavy learning material for long distances; thus, an electric scooter will be handy for such movements. You will also make it early to class, especially if you need to switch lecture halls.

Reduced Parking Hassle

Campus locations in larger cities may have limited parking slots. Therefore, students who drive to school may face parking challenges. On the other hand, having a scooter reduces such hassles since they occupy less space. Colleges also have various areas allocated for parking scooters, reducing parking stress even more. 

Cons Of Using A Scooter To Commute To College

The perks of riding a scooter to school are outstanding; however, you should also consider the drawbacks before purchasing one. Let’s review some of the downsides of riding a scooter to school. 


Riding e-scooters requires one to be more careful. To be safe, adhere to the speed limit, wear a helmet, and follow the necessary traffic regulations. Commuting daily to school means you should exercise extra caution to be safe on the road. 


Scooters are limited by the weather of the day. For example, you may not be able to ride your scooter on a rainy or icy day. You should also store your scooter in a safe space to ensure harsh weather conditions do not damage it. So, before stepping out with your scooter, check the weather predictions on your phone or smartwatch to know if it’s safe to go with it.


Pros And Cons Of Using An Electric Scooter To Commute To College
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Electric scooters may not cover long distances like a car; therefore, you cannot risk going long distances with them. However, scooters vary in terms of the range they can cover. The distance covered depends on the model and the terrain you will be riding on. Therefore, it is essential to choose a long-range scooter. E-scooters come with a portable charger; however, sometimes, you may need more time to stop and charge.

Final Take

Electric scooters are now beyond being trendy or recreational tools. They are being used as an affordable and environmentally safe mode of transport. Students are embracing it due to its convenience. More brands are coming up with different models, meaning you can find one within your budget. But remember, e-scooters vary in distance coverage and functionality. Therefore, you should purchase one that matches your needs. 

While they may have their drawbacks, it is undeniable that their convenience is unmatched, and thus, they are suitable for college students. It is the best way to move around and in and out of campus on a budget since you do not have to worry about fuel money or bus fare.

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