how to prove that you want the best for your kids and you are not a selfish grown up? get your kids the Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on Toy, that’s how. the Range Rover Sport 12-Volt Ride-on Toy is a ride-on toy modeled after the Land Rover SUV introduced earlier this year and we have to say it looks pretty damn cool. it may not be proportional correct (but that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?), it sure looks every bit of a Range Rover, except that the 12V there ain’t no 12 valve, but a 12-volt electric motor (your kids will be greener than you!) that will drive this baby Range Rover up to 4.5 mph (7 km/h). the vehicle seats two (up to 130 lbs or 54 kg total maximum weight) and is similarly well-appointed inside and out, starting with an interior styling like its road going counterpart, complete with an “infortainment” dash with functional audio jack for connecting your kids’ iPod or MP3 player for playing back music via the Range Rover’s built-in speaker system.

it even has a realistic, working gear shift to engage the “drive”, though it is limited to just forward and reverse. propelling the toy ride-on is just putting that gear shift in the desired direction of movement and putting the pedal to the plastic, which is not much different from the operation of a real life auto transmission vehicle. other cool details include real revving sounds of engine, ignition start-up and horn, working doors for ingress and egress, cool tailpipes, roof spoiler (!), huge tires with molded traction, and even a cup holder. suitable for kids age 3 and up. available from Toys R Us for $399.99. hit the jump for a few more look and a product video clip.

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