Bugatti Baby II Is A “Kiddie Ride” That Children, Parents And Grandparents Can Drive

Bugatti Baby II Junior Car is what a super rich, multi-generation family with the love for Bugatti needs. Bugatti Baby II was developed as part of the celebration of the marque’s 110th years and it will be produced in collaboration with junior car specialist The Little Car Company.

Harley-Davidson Is Out To Woo Kids With Newly Announced Electric Balance Bikes

American bike maker Harley-Davidson is out to woo the hearts of the very young, specifically kids of age 3-7, with the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes. However, Harley-Davidson didn’t exactly design the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes from the ground up.

McLaren 720S Ride-On Toy Boasts Its Own Onboard Infotainment System

What can I say? It is really a good time to be alive as kids… that’s if the kids have fairly rich parents. At 315 English pounds (US$398), the McLaren 720S Ride-On Toy costs just a fraction of an actual road-going McLaren 720S and a steal for a 720S even as a (super) kiddie ride. […]

BMW Launches Three New Scooters With Micro Mobility Systems AG

If you are expecting mobility devices like scooters from BMW to be a little more radical like what Volkswagen did with Streetmate and CitySkater, then I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. Not that the newly announced scooters are bad looking in anyway; they just look, well, like any scooter you see on the […]

Snowmobile For Kids Is The Most Exciting Kiddie Ride Since Kiddie Rides

Kiddie ride is cool, but when the white powder covers the ground, even the pricest of the kiddie rides will be rendered pretty much useless – unless there are snow tires for it. But that won’t be the case with the NASEKA Electric Snowmobile for Kids. If I am not wrong, this is NASEKA is […]

Kylie Jenner Gifts Daughter Custom Wrap Mini Lamborghini Kiddie Ride

As average children around the world are content with riding on cheap plastic, car battery-powered kiddie rides that somewhat looks like a Land Rover, Stormi Webster, 10-month-old daughter of reality TV star/entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, is rolling on a mini Lamborghini. And mind you, it is not just any mini Lamborghini kiddie ride; it is one […]

Toylander Pays Homage To 1948 Series Land Rover With This Kiddie Ride

Damn. Today’s kids are fortunate, aren’t they? Not only do they get to mess with electronic gadgets – thanks to grown ups’ obsession with gadgets, they also have wonderful toys like the Toylander 1 Electric Car. If you are clueless of what Toylander 1 is… that thing there is a kiddie ride, modeled after the […]

Finally, A Motorcycle Rocker For Kids, But You’ll Probably NOT Buy It

I may not have met a lot of kids, but for the handful I have actually talked to, not one was into two-wheelers, except for bicycles. Hell. Even three-wheel skate scooter is more well received. For some reasons, little kids, boys and girls alike, are more enthused about cars. Maybe because kiddie rides are mostly […]

JimBoats 6.5 Is A Sea-faring Ride-on For Kids That (Some) Adults Can Ride Too

Kiddie ride comes in a myriad of designs. It can be a Landspeeder, a McLaren P1, a Tesla Model S, or even a non-mobile ride like the Star Trek Enterprise Rocker, but however different they may be, they are ultimately land-based miniature vehicles which, sadly, adults can only ogle at with envy. So, when Denis […]

Awesome Star Trek Enterprise Rocker Up The Realism With Federation Gray

Remember the awesome Star Trek Enterprise children’s rocking toy? Well, if the natural wood finish did not quite convince junior that he/she is at the helm of one of the best star fleet there’s in the universe (fictional one, of course), then perhaps, this latest iteration with a lot more detailing and in a fresh […]