A ‘Vauxhall’ Child’s Pedal Car By Lines Brothers Circa 1930 Is Perfect For Restoration Project

In the ongoing, online-only Spring Automobilia auction organized by Bonhams, featuring properties from the Patrick Collection, there is one interesting piece of automotive memorabilia.

Here Are Some Highlights Of The Winder Automobilia Online Auction

There are countless auctions each year but The Winter Automobilia Online Auction is the one to look out for if you are a serious petrol head. There are thousands of stuff going on the block and among them includes automobile-related memorabilia, literature, and even vintage car parts like car emblems, radiator grilles, and headlights. Here …

Holy Mother Of… Tesla Cyberquad Is Real! But It Is For Children

When Tesla Cybertruck was revealed, it became the talk of the Internet because of its unusual geometric shape design. It also caused quite a buzz because a matching ATV, known as Cyberquad, made an appearance with no mentioning.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition Has Gatling Guns, Smoke Screen, And More

Have you brought the Aston Martin DB5 Junior by The Little Company Car yet? No? Good. Because now there’s an even a No Time To Die Edition that is loaded with gadgets. The product name, Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition, is not just a name.

Father Made A Wooden Lamborghini Sian Kiddie Ride For His Son

Clearly, Vietnam-based woodwork artist ND Woodworking Art is not content with just scale wooden model of the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador S. The man recently took wood crafted car model to the next level: creating a wooden kiddie ride.

One-Off Rolls-Royce SRH Kiddie Ride Serviced After 2,000 Journeys

The last thing a kiddie ride needs is servicing or reconditioning. Not with this Rolls-Royce kiddie ride, though. The Rolls-Royce SRH electric car created for St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, has recently underwent its 100,000 m service.

2021 KTM Electric Bike Will Have All Ages Covered, Including Little Kids

KTM, the name synonymous with dirt bike, 2021 electric bikes will have all ages covered. The line up for 2021 KTM electric lineup includes KTM Factory Replica Stacyc for young child, 2021 KTM SX E 5 for youth and the 2021 KTM Freeride XC-E.

The Smallest Hyundai EV Yet Is A 45 Concept Mini EV For Kids With Wooden Body

Kiddie ride based on real automobiles are not new. Aston Martin, Bugatti, Tesla, McLaren and more have them. And now, Hyundai, too, has one. Folks, meet the smallest Hyundai EV yet, the Hyundai 45 Concept Mini EV. It is based on the ’45’ EV concept.

Relaunched J40 Motor Company Revealed New J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts

Here’s a product that will tug the heart strings of the classic automobile enthusiasts. What you see here is the J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts penned by renowned multi-disciplinary artist Stefan Marjoram.