Bentley Special Edition 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle for Children

Bentley’s gone wild, introducing the 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle – the baby’s first Bentley! It’s like they thought, “Why wait until they’re old enough to drive?” This tricycle has more swag than a penguin in a tuxedo.

Bentley Special Edition 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle for Children

They’ve thrown in a seat so comfy it makes clouds jealous and slapped that fancy diamond-in-diamond quilting on it. They even stitched on a Bentley badge because, you know, even toddlers deserve some luxury branding.

The wheels? Oh, they’ve got the Bentley logo smack in the middle, just like the big boy cars. And don’t worry, that ‘B’ badge stays upright even when the trike is taking a breather.

Bentley-style luxury does not stop there. Chrome emblem on the hood? Check. Diamond-in-diamond quilted push-handle bag? You got it. And the color? White Sand, because your kid’s sandbox game should be just as classy. Bentley’s tricycle is the swankiest thing on three wheels since the invention of, well, the tricycle.

Bentley Special Edition 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle for Children

This Bentley of tricycles for your mini-mogul will grow with your child from “goo-goo” to “vroom-vroom! boasting the following features:

  • Swiveling seat for ultimate comfort (it practically hugs them).
  • ‘Bentley’ magnetic buckle – the playground’s hottest accessory.
  • Anti-slide metal pedals – for your toddler’s inner race car driver.
  • Retractable sun canopy – because even baby billionaires need shade.
  • Rear storage basket for snacks, toys, and stuffed animal entourage.
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And that’s not it either. It grows with your child. I know. Being frugal is perhaps not at the back of the mind of Bentley owners but this three-wheel chariot for your youngling actually transforms as they grow. It offers several modes of riding.

In stroller mode, your baby gets a front-row seat to your stand-up comedy routine (or whatever entertaining thing you’re doing). Plus, there are so many footrests, it’s like a tiny footrest convention in there!

Bentley Special Edition 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle for Children

Once your little one’s legs reach pedal length, we’ve got a handlebar clutch that lets you keep the reins. You’re like the tricycle chauffeur, ensuring a smooth ride to the playground.

And when they’re ready to conquer the world on their own, they can take the wheel and embark on their epic toddler adventures. It’s like they’re getting their own mini driver’s license!

Luxury starts early, folks! Who knows? Your toddler’s first word might just be “Bentley.” OK. Probably not the best thing but… Anyhoo, such luxury will run you back at just 595 quid (US$737.39).

Bentley Special Edition 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle for Children

Images: Bentley Motors.