From the LEGO enthusiast who brought to you LEGO Ideas Flintstones and LEGO Ideas Doctor Who, Andrew Clark AKA AndrewClark2, comes the LEGO MOC Thunderbirds Are Go that is currently being supported on LEGO Ideas. Clark designed this delightful Thunderbirds 2 set based on the 2015 animated series Thunderbirds Are Go. It has gotten very close to the 10,000 support it needs for it to be reviewed by the LEGO Ideas panel.

LEGO MOC Thunderbirds Are Go Set

With 7,975 support at the time of this writing and 87 days to go, it might just made it. We will keep our fingers crossed for this one even though we are not quite fond of the cartoon series. We’d very much prefer the original Thunderbirds from the 60s, shot with electronic marionette puppetry. I practically grew up watching reruns of series produced by ATV. I need to emphasize it was rerun, just so you know I am old, but not that old.

Here are what Clark proposed with his version of the LEGO Thunderbirds Are Go:

• Thunderbird 2: features fold up/down landing gear/legs and wings. Cockpit roof can detach showing cockpit interior with microfigures, controls and various printed parts. Pod can detach by pulling out side Technic 3m lift arms that are connected internally to a LEGO elastic band. (I will show this, and folded wings in an update) Pod door can open and hold one vehicle. Pod has wheels attached so the pod or whole craft can be pushed.
• Two smaller vehicles: Thunderbird4, and The Mole. Each of these can fit inside the pod.( My images show The Elevator Car. I later learned it does not seem to show in the new series. Life lesson learned, don’t assume the new series has it. I may do an update with another vehicle of the same size to replace it.)
• 5 microfigures, John, Alan, Scott, Virgil, and Gordon Tracy that give a sense of scale to the model. I may add Minifigures as an update.

LEGO MOC Thunderbirds Are Go Set

Clark’s LEGO MOC Thunderbirds Are Go has 721 pieces and measures 11 inches long, 8.25 inches wide and 4 inches tall (or 7 inches with legs extended). Not exactly a big set, but it does capture the essence perfectly. Now need somebody to create the secret cliff side base and the launch rail too. That will be perfect.

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Clark also conceived the original Thunderbirds on LDD, but did not submitted to LEGO Ideas. We are not sure if he will be submitting it. Personally, I hope he would because, it looks absolutely rad. You can check out the 60s LEGO MOC Thunderbirds on hist Flickr page.

Images: Flickr (AndrewClark2).

Source: Gizmodo UK.

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