Don’t freak out. The ThreeZero Cowboy Bebop 1/6 Spike Spiegel Figure is not based on John Cho. Sorry, no offense to John. He did great but the overall vibe of the live-action attempt commissioned by Netflix just does not resonate with loyal fans.

ThreeZero FigZero Cowboy Bebop 1/6 Spike Spiegel Figure

Anyhoo, back to the figure. The ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Spike Spiegel collectible figure is a highly detailed and articulated representation of the character from Cowboy Bebopthe anime version, that is. It is so anime-accurate that it looks like it has stepped out of the TV screen. At least it appears to be the case based on the product images we have seen so far.

The figure stands at 12.2 inches (about 31 cm) tall and features a custom body with 32 points of articulation, capturing Spike’s lean physique and attitude. Made from various materials, including ABS, PVC, ROM, and fabric, it includes his signature outfit and a range of accessories like weapons and interchangeable faceplates and hands, allowing fans to recreate Spike’s iconic scenes and poses from the series.

ThreeZero Cowboy Bebop 1/6 Spike Spiegel Figure

And yes, it does include a smoking left hand because there’s Spike without smoke. He practically lives on that thing. But folks, please don’t smoke. It’s bad for you and it’d be a habit that’s goddamn hard kick. Don’t ask how I know. I just know.

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Anyways, the new ThreeZero FigZero Cowboy Bebop 1/6 Spike Spiegel Collectible Figure is available for pre-order now for US$149.99 with delivery expected to kick off in Q1 2024. But there’s a catch. This product is only available for pre-order in North and South America. Why? Well, I am just as clueless. It is probably it is being licensed by Crunchyroll. I could be wrong.

ThreeZero Cowboy Bebop 1/6 Spike Spiegel Figure

Images: ThreeZero.

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