ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Taro (Anime Version)

Have you watched the second season of the anime Ultraman on Netflix? If you do, I bet the new Ultraman Suit Taro has caught your eyes and possibly enamored you. I know it did for me and so I’m pretty pumped that there is going to be a collector-grade action figure for it: the ThreeZero …

ThreeZero G.I. Joe 1/6 Firefly And Roadblock Figures

There are no lacking G.I. Joe toys from Hasbro but as a grown man or woman, you probably want something more of a collectible grade. And if you do, collectible toy maker ThreeZero has just the right stuff for you. The company has been making collectibles G.I. Joe figures for some time now and the …

ThreeZero Voltron: Defender Of The Universe ROBO-DOU Figure Is Available For Pre-order

Good news, fans of the 80s anime series Voltron: Defender of the Universe. ThreeZero has announced the new mecha action figure based on the popular 80s series under its ROBO-DOU line.

Dustin Henderson Joins ThreeZero’s Stranger Things 1/6 Scale Collectible Figures

If you haven’t already heard, posable figure maker ThreeZero has gotten in the Stranger Things franchise. TBH, I thought it was a one-off thing when the Demogorgon was announced in May. But months later, the 1/6 scale Eleven figure was announced and now, the lovable, smooth-talking Dustin Henderson has joined the series too.

ThreeZero’s Second Stranger Things Figure Is A 1/6 Scale Eleven

From the collectible toymaker best known for highly posable action figures, ThreeZero comes a second figure inspired by Netflix’s Stranger Things. Joining the 1/6 scale Demogorgon figure is Eleven aka Jane Ives (and later, Jane Hopper), the character with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities who is the reason why the series exists.

ThreeZero Is Taking Pre-order For Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon Figure

It looks like promo for the next season of Stranger Things is about to go on full swing. Following the first official teaser in two years and a tease by LEGO, Threezero has revealed a new Netflix’s Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon collectible figure.

Hasbro x Threezero Transformers ROTF DLX Jetfire Collectible Figure

Fans of Michael Bay’s Transformers will be thrilled to know ThreeZero has yet another Transformers figure for them to fill up their display shelves. The next Hasbro x ThreeZero collaboration is Jetfire, straight out from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie.