Prison Life Simulator Jail by Midnight Works

If you haven’t already heard, there is a video game in which you take on the role of a drug dealer and there is also a game that trains you to be a thief. My advice is to play the games and don’t do the actual crimes. Because if you do, you will end up behind bars.

Speaking of which… those two games really should have a sequel in which you do the time for the crimes. Well, what do you know? There is such a game, aptly named Prison Life Simulator Jail. I don’t believe it is by the same studio though.

Judging from the graphics of the official trailer, the game weighs more on gameplay than visuals, if you know what I mean. The game is being published by Midnight Works and it has recently been announced for PlayStation.

Prison Life Simulator Jail is a first-person simulation game that immerses players in the day-to-day challenges of prison life. Players must adhere to a strict schedule, avoid guard scrutiny, and navigate the prison’s complex social hierarchy – you know the usuals.

The game emphasizes resourcefulness and cunning, requiring players to complete tasks for fellow inmates, find essential items, and form strategic alliances. Players must devise smart strategies to outwit the system, with the ultimate goal of accumulating money to bribe guards and plan an escape.

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This immersive experience tests decision-making skills and the ability to adapt to the tough environment of prison life, challenging players to either outsmart the system or succumb to its confines.

If you are ready to be the virtual Stan Minton, you’ll be glad to know Prison Life Simulator Jail has been launched for PlayStation today for US$14.99.

Images: Midnight Works.