TBH, I have never gotten into the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial hype when the film was out in 1982. But to see someone proposing to bring one of the 80s icons to life in LEGO form is, nevertheless, pretty thrilling.

LEGO Ideas E.T. Phone Home by LegoJalex

That someone is LEGO Ideas member LegoJalex. There are a few E.T. submissions on LEGO Ideas, but I believe LegoJalex’s proposition, called E.T. Phone Home, is the only one that features a large, brick-built E.T. model.

This pretty spot-on E.T. model towers at 27.5 cm (about 11 inches) tall with the neck stretched out. The neck is extended manually by spinning a wheel on the model’s back and it has movable arms, hands, fingers, feet and head.

LEGO Ideas E.T. Phone Home by LegoJalex

Moreover, it has light up function too, activated with a push of a button, to let you play out “the heart of light” moment as seen in the movie. Unfortunately, no light up digit, though.

Interestingly, LegoJalex has chose to the specific scene where the stranded alien, with the help of Elliot, cobbled together a communicator device out of everyday household items. As such, this proposed set also includes a brick-built communicator model that, true to its origin, built to represent items like umbrella, coat hanger, saw blade and more. Absolutely dope.

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If you would like to see the LEGO Ideas E.T. Phone Home by LegoJalex have a shot of becoming an official LEGO set, be sure to drop him your one precious support. Come on folks, lets help to get this into the next milestone.

Images: LEGO Ideas (LegoJalex).

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