10 years on, I am still wondering how some blogs like ours get their news from. Trust me, I am in this business long enough to be receiving enough press releases or at least know where to look for them. This piece of news about The adidas x Transformers is one such news with mysterious origins.

I read that adidas x Transformers is a China exclusive. So, armed with this piece of clue, I set out in search of the source. I visited both Hasbro and adidas official websites for China market. I scoured through their posts on WeChat and Weibo. But alas, I find nothing.

But I did, however, manage to find the sneakers in the collection being sold on the biggest e-commerce website in China, Taobao. At least I am getting somewhere. Anyways, for your information, these shoes which are supposedly available now, are not even available on adidas official flagship store on TMall.

Since I do not have the official words, I am going to base on the product listing on Taobao to offer you some details. So, yes, Hasbro’s Transformers has teamed up with German sports shoes and sporting equipment maker adidas to introduce two colorways of the X9000L4 running shoes.

No prized for guessing the characters that inspired the colorways. They are leaders of the Autobots and the Decepticons, Optimus Prime, and Megatron. It looks like they are basing off the War For Cybertron trilogy.

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Iconic blue and grey color shared an equal amount of presence on the adidas x Transformers X9000L4 Optimus Prime (GX3112) model – in addition to the requisite red, which we were surprised did not take dominance and exists merely as accents. Strangely, it has a red flame deco too which WFC Optimus Prime does not have.

The adidas x Transformers Sneakers Collection China

Meanwhile, the adidas x Transformers X9000L4 Megatron (GX3107) model is rocking a very Megatron color comprising of black and grey with a hint of red. Though the grey is a little too dark, IMHO.

Both models boast an LED light attachment which can be removed and insoles feature a graphic of the split of Optimus Prime and Megatron face.

Last checked, the adidas x Transformers Sneakers remain a China exclusive. However, if you know your way around Taobao, you can buy from there. Price is 1,239-1,299 yuan (US$195-204), depending on the merchants.

Images: TFormers.

Hat tip: Modern Notoriety.

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