White Mountaineering Gave Classic adidas Nite Jogger A Modern Twist And It Is Looking Super Dope

adidas footwear collectors may not want to miss this new collaboration (the second one, we believe) between the Germany sportswear brand and Japanese label White Mountaineering. Japanese designer Yosuke Aizawa’s White Mountaineering has given classic adidas Nite Jogger a modern spin. The adidas Originals x White Mountaineering Nite Jogger was first seen at the Paris […]

Adidas Collaborates With HBO To Release Game of Thrones Sneakers

What has HBO’s Game of Thrones has to do with sports shoes. Absolutely nothing, if you ask me, but that does not stop HBO from holding hands with sportswear giant Adidas to release a line of Adidas x Game of Thrones Shoes. Celebrating the eighth and final season of the TV adaption of George R. […]

Adidas Is Giving You A Reason To Buy All Seven Dragon Ball Z Shoes

Adidas is giving Dragon Ball Z’s fans a good reason to acquire all seven Adidas Dragon Ball Z sneakers from the soon-to-be-available Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collection. According to a report, all seven of the manga-themed shoes are confirmed to hit the shelves starting September 29 in a staggered release. Goku’s Adidas ZX 500 RM […]

Design Student Imagined Sneakers Of The Future To Be, Ermmm, Angular?

We talk and hear a lot about the future. Future of transportation, future of housing, future technology, but one thing we almost never talk about is future of fashion, specifically, kicks, and so it is kind of refreshing to pick up a piece that talked about the future of sneakers through a concept rendering. Originally […]

Adidas Outs New Anti-Fog, Quick-Shift Lenspod System Snowboard Goggle

Adidas has introduced as a pair of snowboard goggle for 2017. Called Adidas Progressor C, this swanky pair of snow sports gear from German sporting gear giant features a Quick-Shift Lenspod System to meet the growing demand for easily interchangeable lenses. Coming from Adidas, there should be no doubt about how gorgeous this pair of […]

BAPE And Adidas Joined Hands To Create These Awesome Camo Sneakers

More collab sneakers for you. This time this pair is born out of a collaboration between A Bathing Ape AKA BAPE and Adidas, and the result, as you might have guessed, are Adidas kicks dressed in the very recognizable BAPE camo. Boy, are they beautiful. Dubbed BAPE x Adidas Originals NMD-R1, the sneakers is offered […]

Adidas’ Body Fitted Backpack Looks Like A Backpack Of The Future

If you are annoyed by the jiggling keys, wallet and phone while jogging, then you’re doing it wrong. If you have to bring that many things when running, then you should be carrying a low-profile backpack like the Adidas Y-3 Sport Backpack. As the product name suggests, it is designed with active lifestyle in mind. […]

Virgin Galactic’s Pilots Will Be Wearing This Designer’s Space Suit

Richard Branson is never known to be the forerunner in style. I mean, his fashion choice is ok and whatever he does thus far with respect to style for his businesses are quite alright. But when it comes to his space travel venture, i.e. Virgin Galactic, style plays an important role. In this case, travel […]

Adidas Steps Into the Future with 3D Printed Custom Midsole Footwear

Folks, the future is here! Soon, you will be able wear a pair of 3D printed footwear custom to your feet. Well, almost. Actually, it is not quite a full 3D printed shoes per se; just the midsole will be 3D printed, but it will 100% custom designed for your feet. Using both existing data […]

Kanye West’s First Collaboration with Adidas Originals, Yeezy 750 Boost, Set to go on Sale on Valentine’s Day

We can understand the relationship between sports like say, basketball and sports shoes makers, but a performing artiste like Kanye West? Well, that, is a little hard to make a connection. You know. Usually shoe makers like Adidas would be proud to tout the kicks’ performance in relation to the athlete’s usage and therefore we […]