adidas The Box Shoe April Fool’s Prank

April Fool’s Day may be behind us for a week now and now, all eyes are on the total solar eclipse happening across North America later today. Still, we wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to mention this hilarious yet somehow super convincing April Fool’s Day prank pulled off by adidas.

adidas The Box Shoe April Fool’s Prank

A few days before April 1st, adidas revealed that it would be releasing a fit-for-Minecraft “The Box Shoe” that is essentially wearable adidas shoe boxes. The shoe proudly proclaims it has a box fit and chunky lace closure, and features natural fiber upper, natural fiber lining, and natural fiber outsole.

The shoe was only available through the Confirmed App. It had people believing it was real. Anyhoo, it was revealed on April Fool’s day it was all but a prank but those who signed up believing it was for real will be rewarded with a chance to win a custom shoebox cabinet by the Gab Bois and a sample of the actual Box Shoe.

It is a kind of adidas way of saying “thanks for playing” which is pretty cool.

Images: adidas.