How To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse

If you haven’t already heard, the Moon is expected to pass in front of the Sun completely eclipsing the Sun on April 8, 2024. That’s right. A total solar eclipse is happening soon, offering you the opportunity to witness it with your own eyes (with eye protection, of course). And you probably will want to catch it if you haven’t witnessed the Moon “chowing down” the Sun before because the next total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous US will be in 2044.

How To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse
Total solar eclipse view at Madras, Oregon on Aug. 21, 2017. Credit: NASA/Gopalswamy

That said, yes, folks in North America will get to witness this amazing astronomical event on eclipse, on April 08, 2024, with a total eclipse visible from Texas to Maine and a partial eclipse observable in the rest of the contiguous United States.

The national authority for all things happening beyond our atmosphere, NASA, is inviting the public to participate in this Solar eclipse through in-person events, online viewing opportunities, and educational resources on eclipse science.

Live coverage will begin at 1 PM EDT on NASA TV, featuring expert commentary, astronaut appearances, and views from various locations, including NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio.

Additionally, NASA will offer a no-commentary, telescope-only feed and host a Spanish-language watch party. Special content will include live streams of sounding rocket launches by NASA Wallops and an interactive Eclipse Explorer Map for tracking the eclipse’s progress. Meanwhile, you can find more information on the Solar Eclipse 2024 HERE.

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Images: NASA.