Working Back to the Future Hoverboard

If there is one tech in our 2011’s Top Ten Gadgets In Movies That Inspires And Excites Us that will never materialize, it would be the hoverboard from Back to the Future II. Or is it?

The Hacksmith, the engineering YouTube channel, best known for its real-life working Lightsaber, has done the impossible. The outfit has created a real working Back to the Future Hoverboard.

Working Back to the Future Hoverboard

It took months, but it is done, alright. Unlike Lexus’ attempt, which uses superconducting magnets, The Hacksmith leverages on Eddy currents. Using eight custom magnetic wheels to enable hovering over a ferrous surface.

I know, I know. It is nothing like the movie’s, but like the real-life Lightsaber, it is as close you will get to the real-world hoverboard. It is an excellent innovation and application of science, instead of, you know, using rotors and stuff. Like, where is the fun in those right?

Continue reading for a video of the final build the real-life Back to the Future hoverboard and also see it in action. You can also learn more about the theory behind it in the first build video HERE.

Images: YouTube (Hacksmith Industries).