You read the post title and yeah, it’s true. Someone actually made the Hawkeye’s bow, arrows and quiver, and they actually worked. Well, kind of. I dig videos that make movie magic real because, these videos remind us that movie magic should remains as movie magic.

Working Avengers Hawkeye Gadget Arrows

Not that JLaservideo’s working Hawkeye trick arrows, bow, and quiver aren’t cool. They are. However, while making this, JLaservideo taught us two things: engineering is awesome and movies are just movies.

In this latest video, JLaservideo built a series of Hawkeye’s trick arrows as seen in the Avengers movie, including smoke, grapple, impact, flare, shock, rocket and a “spy arrow”.

Working Avengers Hawkeye Gadget Arrows

The system include arrow heads stored inside a motorized quiver that rotates and connects the arrow heads to the arrow shaft – just in the movie. The bow, too, is like in the movie’s. It is collapsible and can turned into a staff for close quarter combat.

Like I have said, it works. But definitely not enough to fight aliens. Go on and have a look at this extremely entertaining video.

Images: YouTube (JLaservideo).

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