Germany-based maker Lenny3000 who brought us the wearable device that augments the face is back with a self-developed, DIY telepresence robot. Telepresence is not new, obviously. However, Lenny3000’s creation is worth mentioning in this unprecedented time where most of us can’t go visit our family as often as we may have liked.

DIY Telepresence Robot by Lenny3000

It is worthy to mention that Lenny300’s telepresence robot is not a full robot. It is not mobile. It is desktop-based. But it does have an upper torso and a, well, “head” where your tablet or phone goes.

What makes this particular telepresence device stands out is, it will rotate left, right, up and down, based on the movement of the other party’s movement. The other party, on the other hand, is able to discern where the conversation is and turn his around to focus on that person who is speaking. It is one step up from what we have seen so far.

DIY Telepresence Robot by Lenny3000

However, due to the package intended for his sister to test out with Lenny3000, it never got tested in time for Christmas.

If you are interested in making, then you may want to subscribe to Lenny3000’s YouTube channel as he will be posting drawings, cutting templates, as well as Arduino code for you to make one. In the meantime, here’s the video of the man walking through the design process.

DIY Telepresence Robot by Lenny3000

Images: YouTube (lenny3000).

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