Animoji, Camera Filters And Deep Fakes Helmet

Giving yourself another look using filters limits your audience to just the online community. But Lenny is breaking that limitation. This man is on a mission to bring Animoji, camera filters and even deep fakes into the real world. How? By developing a helmet that displays those we have mentioned.

Animoji, Camera Filters And Deep Fakes Helmet
The idea. Note: not the actual product.

This wearable device has no official name, but it was called DeepYou ONE in its unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign. Hence, we are going to refer it to DeepYou ONE here. Anyhoo, the campaign may have failed, but Lenny is not giving up.

Instead, he is going to show you how DeepYou ONE is made over at his newly setup maker channel on YouTube, Lenny3000. But what exactly is this device? First of all, it is definitely not an antiviral helmet, though it kind of resemble the Micrashell, but fancier and without the particulate filtering feature.

Animoji, Camera Filters And Deep Fakes Helmet
The actual product: your wish of looking like a cartoon character in the real world come true.

DeepYou ONE is a helmet and within, it has a bunch of gadgets weaved together to allow a smartphone to capture the wearer’s face with his/her choice of filter and projects it onto the helmet where everyone in the physical world can see.

I dig the concept. I really do. Why? It’s freaking cool. I mean, all this while those filters that say, for example, turns you into an anime character, can only be seen online like a video chat or as video you posted on social media.

Animoji, Camera Filters And Deep Fakes Helmet
The interior work in progress.

However, with DeepYou ONE, everyone you meet can see on your face and thus, effectively bringing the virtual world into the real world.

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Go on and have a look at Lenny3000’s video below.

All images courtesy of Lenny 3000.

Submitted via TIP US Page.